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Michael Dibala

Founder & Senior Advisor


Looking back, it’s hard for me to fathom that following my graduation from Bucknell University, most of my four decades plus of professional experience have been spent in this business! During my “formative years” (i.e., my first decade in the business), I learned first-hand under superlative mentorship what client-focused investing and financial planning was all about. Along the way, I earned my Certified Financial Planner designation, CFP, and finally in 1992 on a hope and a dream, I launched Investment Security Group, Inc. (ISG).

That dream was to be part of a special company comprised of dedicated practitioners and support staff entirely devoted to serving your financial best interests. Today, I am grateful that this dream has been realized and continues to flourish as we move into our third decade of service as one of Denver’s preeminent financial advisory firms.

If you’re looking for life-long financial partner, I invite you to try us. We’ve created a client-first, client-friendly culture where you will be well-treated, and our talented, cohesive team will help you make informed financial decisions throughout the changing seasons of your lives.

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