Investsg Team Odette Sahakian

Odette Sahakian

CMO, Principal

After three decades in the industry what keeps me going each and every day is determination and hope in bringing my clients financial peace of mind. I take pride in helping families work through short and long term goals through disciplined financial planning.

My parents worked extremely hard to give my brother and I the life they never had. There was no financial planning, only years and years of working with no thought of retirement. Some of my clients are curious about ISG’s portfolio philosophy, how we choose investments, etc., but what I hear time and time again is that they stay with ISG because of the relationships. Earning trust by working to keep my clients’ goals alive is what gets me up in the morning. I especially enjoy my client planning sessions which allows most to exhale and realize they can live the life they want due to a sound plan and also the fact that they will have a legacy for their children and charities.

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